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Rhode Island Expungement Statute

Reading any part of the Rhode Island General Laws can be a difficult task.  In this post, we break down the subsections of the Rhode Island Expungement Statute into a readable and usable form for individuals interested in reviewing the statute.  The Rhode Island Expungement Statute is found in R.I.G.L. Title 12, Chapter 1.3.  Chapter 1.3 is broken down into the following sections:

  • (1) Definitions
  • (2) Motion for Expungement
  • (3) Motion for Expungement - Notice - Hearing - Criteria for Granting
  • (4) Effect of Expungement of Records - Access to Expunged Records - Wrongful Disclosure

The full text of each of these sections is provided below.  If you have any questions regarding the meaning, effect, or impact of any of these provisions you should contact Attorney Matthew Marin for an experienced legal analysis and opinion.

Rhode Island Expungement Statute: Definitions

Rhode Island Expungement Statute: Motion for Expungement

Rhode Island Expungement Statute: Notice - Hearing - Criteria

Rhode Island Expungement Statute: Effect of Granting

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