Expunging A Rhode Island DUI Charge

Attorney Matthew Marin assists individuals expunge Rhode Island DUI convictions.  Contact us today for a free DUI expungement consultation.

Expunging A Rhode Island DUI Charge

Rhode Island law permits the expungement of a Rhode Island DUI charge under certain circumstances.  When you are charged with DUI (driving under the influence) in Rhode Island the two most common outcomes for the resolution of the case is either (1) conviction (whether that be through a plea bargain or guilty finding) or (2) dismissal or not guilty finding.  Your ability to expunge a Rhode Island DUI charge is very  different depending on the outcome of the case.

When Can I Expunge A Dismissed Misdemeanor Rhode Island DUI Charge?

If a Rhode Island DUI charge is dismissed by the prosecution or you are found not guilty after trial, the DUI charge may be eligible for expungement immediately.  As long as you have not been convicted of a felony charge, your dismissed Rhode Island DUI charge is legally eligible for immediate expungement.  Many times Rhode island DUI charges are dismissed when an individual is convicted of the corresponding chemical test refusal charge.  If your Rhode Island DUI charge was dismissed, contact Attorney Matthew Marin immediately to begin the process of expunging your DUI case.

When Can I Expunge A Misdemeanor Rhode Island DUI Conviction?

When you are convicted of a Rhode Island DUI charge, the general rule is that you must wait a minimum of five (5) years prior to moving to expunge your conviction.  If the only item on your criminal record is a misdemeanor Rhode Island DUI conviction, you will be eligible to have the case expunged from your record after waiting five (5) years.  However, if you have other "convictions" or records of probation on your criminal record you will not be legally eligible to have your record expunged.  If your Motion to Expunge a DUI conviction in Rhode Island is granted, you will owe a $100.00 expungement fee to the court.

Rhode Island DUI Expungement Lawyer Matthew Marin

Attorney Matthew Marin has assisted hundreds of individuals moving to expunge DUI charges in Rhode Island.  We appear on behalf of clients for motions to expunge in all District and Superior Courts throughout Rhode Island.  Most of the Motion to Expunge misdemeanor DUI charges will be heard in the Sixth Division District Court (Providence and Bristol Counties), the Third Division District Court (Kent County), the Fourth Division District Court (Washington County), and the Second Division District Court (Newport County).  Contact us today for a no obligation Rhode Island DUI charge expungement consultation.  We are available 24/7 at 401-228-8271.