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Expungement and Employment: How One Can Help You Succeed With The Other

Last month, the Wall Street Journal posted a Short Answer Section titled "What to Know About the Expungement of Criminal Records" in which they answered some frequently asked questions about expungement in general.  The questions addressed in the Section include:

  1. Where did the idea of removing a criminal record originate?
  2. Why is the issue of concern now?
  3. Is there uniformity in the states' approach?
  4. Is there a federal law that offers guidance on background checks?
  5. Has there been recent legislation on the issue?

Expungement Can Lead to Poverty and Unemployment

In the article they quote Sharon Dietrich, the litigation director of Community Legal Services in Philadelphia.  Ms. Dietrich makes the assertion that "You don't have to go to prison, you don't even have to get convicted to have this stuff mess up your life." 

In today's competitive job market, having a criminal record can be an opportunity killer.  With single job postings receiving hundreds, if not thousands of qualified applicants, cleaning or eliminating a criminal record can be a major factor in determining whether you receive a job offer.  Oftentimes, those with criminal records are dropped to the bottom of the pack or eliminated completely simply on that fact alone.  These individuals are not given an opportunity to explain the situation or even the resolution, whether it be a conviction or not.

In my experience, many individuals do not take the steps necessary to keep their record clean.  This can mean hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer to fight the charges at the outset.  It can also mean hiring an experienced expungement lawyer to remove the charges and records after the fact.  This last fact cannot be understated.  I have spoken to literally dozens of individuals who have hired lawyers to handle expungements only to have their money stolen and no action taken on their cases or records.  At the Law Offices of Matthew T. Marin, Esq., Inc., we always provide a money-back guarantee spelled out in black-and-white in our simple Attorney Client Retainer Agreements.

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