Where to Expunge a Felony in Rhode Island?

Where to file your Felony Motion to Expunge in Rhode Island can be a difficult question to answer.  Contact Attorney Marin for experienced advice and counsel.

Where to file your Motion to Expunge a Felony Charge in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island law requires that you file a Motion to Expunge a felony in the Superior Court in which the conviction took place.  By "court" the statute is referring to the particular county in which the conviction took place.  In Rhode Island, there are four county superior courts.  The contact information for each is listed below.

  1. Providence County Superior Court
    • Address: 250 Benefit Street Providence, RI 02903
    • Phone: 401-222-3250
  2. Kent County Superior Court
    • Address: 222 Quaker Lane Warwick, RI 02886
    • Phone: 401-822-6900
  3. Washington County Superior Court
    • Address: 4800 Tower Hill Road Wakefield, RI 02879
    • Phone: 401-782-4121
  4. Newport County Superior Court
    • Address: 45 Washington Square Newport, RI 02840
    • Phone: 401-841-8330

The statute that governs the filing of Motions to Expunge in Rhode Island is Rhode Island General Law 12-1.3-2 which provides as follows:

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